Saturday, 7 February 2015

How to Create websites for free

Its all over internet. But since this is my first post on How to Create websites, I have to post How to Create websites for free. So get ready to make yourself set to create your very own website for free.

Go to and create your account there and chose free plan. Activate your account and choose hosting there.

You have to chose a subdomain which will be provided free of cost by them . Choose one of them to cretate websites for free.

Fill your Data and you are set. yes you have created your website now. Hola!!

Now you have to choose website manager.

There in the section of Auto Installer choose wordpress.

Add user name and password for the wordpress admin.

Install wordpress. Thats it you are live now,

Go to your domain name admin panel by going yourdomain/admin

Fill the form. And start posting your content.

Thats it. You have created your website for free.

If you want details or solution regarding this. Please comment  I  will give you detailed instructions in next post.

Keep sharing guys.